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Review policy

As a librarian, I love to read and review books of all types. I will make a sincere effort to read and review all books sent to me, but, due to time constraints, this is not always possible. I also can’t guarantee how quickly I’ll be able to get to your book, though I will try to get to it in a timely manner. (If I make a commitment I will keep it!) Every book I finish will get at least a small review on my LibraryThing and Good Reads account.

My review style is subject to change but what you can usually count on is a brief summary, the good, the bad, and who I think it would be good to hand to when I’ve finished it.  If I received a free copy of the book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers, a publisher, the author, etc–I will make note of that

Things to Note:

My acceptance of a copy of your book is not a guarantee of a review on the blog. Published reviews reflect my personal opinion. If I dislike a book, I have the right to not finish it and not review it.  If you would like to use part of a review for your publicity (something other than a link to Twitter, etc.), please contact me first.

I will accept:

-Graphic Novels
-Middle grade and YA fiction and nonfiction
-Sci Fi/Fantasy
-Adult Fiction and nonfiction

I am partial to:

– Graphic novels
– YA fiction

I do not review and therefore will not accept:

– Self-published or vanity press books
– Romance books
– Twilight type books

Of course, I can’t guarantee a positive review. I am more interested in posting about great books that I can recommend to others, so I may be more likely to post a review of a book that I like or that I think folks will like.

I will accept print or digital books/galleys. If you are interested in sending me a book, please contact me!