Comic Solutions


For comics creators and artists:

With over 8 years experience as a professional librarian at the academic level, I’ve helped students, faculty, staff, and members of the public find the information they’re looking for to complete projects, teach classes, or just for their own personal edification. I have access to a wide variety of sources and can help you find resources and materials for a project, presentation, class, or just your own personal edification. I typically charge $15 an hour, but for longer term projects a flat rate fee can be negotiated.

Social media accounts are one of the most important ways for creators and artists to connect with their fanbase and community and it can take time away from more creative pursuits and passions. Even more importantly, not every social media site is right for you or how you want to connect with your fanbase and community. I have over 8 years experience managing not only my own social media presence, but also formally managed the social media presence for my last place of employment. I can work with you to put together a social media strategy that works for your style, fanbase, and community. This strategy will cover what sites, how often they’re updated, how you interact with fans, and more. If desired, I can also manage the day to day interactions of your social media sites.

With growing interests in comics and graphic novels in schools, libraries, businesses and the larger community, its important now, more than ever, for creators to connect back. While a social media strategy is one way to connect with the community, I can help you formulate a strategy to connect your art and work to a broader community, whether local, national, or international based upon style and content. I can help you connect with librarians, educators, or others to help you connect to a broader audience.

Being a creative person is never an easy thing, and there may be times that you need assistance and resources with copyright, how to handle challenges to your work, how to deal with stress, and more. While I can’t provide answers to all of these areas, I can help you connect with a larger community that can. I do not charge for this and it is my way of paying back help that has been given to me over the years.

Interested in learning more about how you can use Open Access/Creative Commons in the arts and humanities? Drop me a line and we’ll talk.

For librarians/educators/etc.

With over 8 years experience as a professional librarian, a background in education, and a strong understanding of how comics and graphic novels help promote diverse learning styles, I have a variety of skills to offer. I can help you:

    • Begin building a graphic novel collection
    • Develop a collection management plan
    • Navigate or cutoff challenges before they happen
    • Create lesson plans on using graphic novels in the classroom
    • Show how comics connect to the common core standards
    • Show how comics promote learning

and more

Want to organize a local comics event at your school or library? I can help you devise a plan, budget, and help you acquire materials, vendors, and either in-person or virtual visits from creators.

Illustrations can help drive a point home, whether it be a report or a presentation. As a professional artist and comics creator I can work with you to help design an illustration that meets your needs and helps make an impact.