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About Me

My name is Danielle Anne Shuping and I’m a queer trans lady comic creator, consultant, educator, writer, & reviewer. She/her.

My mission in life is to help the community (librarians, educators, businesses, health care professionals, etc.) connect to the comics and graphic novel community, and vice versa. With a background in art, education, history, library science, data studies, and comics, I can offer a variety of services based upon need, context, and situation. Some of the services that I can offer are listed here:

To discuss how I can help you please contact me so we can begin a conversation on what your needs are and how I can help you. There is no charge for initial contact and all costs afterwards are negotiated based upon need, length of time and resources.

If you’d like to donate a little bit to help me continue writing, please consider donating. Every little bit helps.