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Flop to the Top

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 2.30.55 PMFlop To The Top!
Eleanor Davis & Drew Weing
Toon Books
September 2015

“I’m a superstar!” so says Wanda. Her brother and sister are her loyal “fans”, but her most loyal of all, is her dog Wilbur. She and Wilbur do everything together, including watching their favorite show “The Star Show” and Sassy Cat! Wanda is ready to show the world how Wanda-ful she is and has just posted her latest selfie. When she wakes up in the morning she finds it has 20 million likes! And Wanda is ready for her fame! Except…they’ve come for…WILBUR???!? Now Wilbur is the famous one! And Wanda is all alone. What’s a girl to do?

In this fun and engaging book cartoonists Eleanor Davis & Drew Weing create a story that is sure to resonate with many young readers (and older ones as well.) In this day and age of “superstars” where you compete for your fame on every show possible, Davis & Weing have given us the most superstar of superstars in Wanda, who is ready to be famous, just because…she’s Wanda. But what happens when Wanda discovers, she isn’t the superstar she thought she was? That’s where the story really starts to pick up and Davis & Weing have Wanda start to take a close look at herself and wonder…maybe she isn’t all that, just because she wants to be? Maybe, just maybe, she’s just Wanda and that’s all that the world might need.

The bold, warm colors in the story capture Wanda’s energy and lively spirit and her wide eyed smile will help readers relate to her, even if she is bossy. In fact, the only muted color in the entire book is Wilbur. The down to earth, humble, yet big star, dog. It sets him apart from the bright colors of his endearing fans and Wanda’s own energy, allowing the reader to easily follow him along his journey. The varying panel sizes and perspectives on each page help the reader follow the energetic pacing of the story and the excitement that the reader feels as they wait to see what happens between Wanda and Wilbur. They keep up the varying panel sizes and perspectives until the very end when…well I can’t tell you that part. That would spoil the story! But you’ll see how it fits.

This engaging story will keep readers giggling as Wanda prances around the early part of the story declaring herself a superstar and pause to think as Wanda begins to realize maybe…she’s not the superstar she thinks she is. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll learn something along the way. This book is recommended for all ages, as well all can use a dose of humility and learn that we aren’t all superstars and that perhaps we don’t need to be.

Review copy provided by Toon Books

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