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Book Review — Astronaut Academy: Re-entry

Astronaut Academy: Re-entry
Dave Roman
May 2013

This is the second volume in the Astronaut Academy series, and Hakata Soy and gang are back for more fun and adventure in the spring semester at the Academy.  Just when Hakata thinks its safe to wander around the school, a new trouble is unleashed!  Someone….or something is stalking the halls of the academy and impersonating other students!  If that wasn’t bad enough this….creature…is making off with students extra hearts.  Will the students be able to survive and recover their extra hearts…or are they doomed to only have one?

I will openly admit I had trouble with the first book in the series when I read it, in part because I had a hard time putting myself into the mindset of a young kid, which is who this series is aimed for.  But this time around I had a bit of an easier time, perhaps because there’s a nice overarching theme with the mysterious fiend on the loose!  And gosh darn it I wanted to know what the heck happened and how Hakata and the gang were going to stop this creature!  Even though we switched viewpoints every few pages, the overall arching theme made it easy to keep up and I loved that we got to check back in with old friends (and learn more about Hakata in the process!) The storytelling and the artwork both remind me of the cartoon “Kids Next Door,” which is the one of the best compliments I can give to the story since I loved that cartoon.

It’s a romping good adventure if you’re the right age (or have the right mindset) and I’d highly recommend the book.  4 out of 5 stars.

ARC provided by Gina at FirstSecond

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